We will not go quietly into the night
we will not step back into the closets
you build with your ignorance,
sealing their doors with your hatred and our fear

We will not blame the blameless
the innocent who share our anguish
who look at your actions and see only
the darkness and insanity of ignorant hatred

We will, instead, rise with pride.
a pride hard fought for,
that neither you nor your predecessors,
could, can, or will take from us

Side by side
we stand

We stand with our brothers,
our sisters, and our allies.

We stand for those who cannot
we stand for those who stood before

We stand, supported by our love,
our tolerance, and our freedom.

We stand in resilient solidarity,
our strength, the light of our community

Our light will outshine and outlive
the emptiness of your ignorance

Our light will outshine and outlive
the darkness of your intolerance

Your darkness will begin to shrink
its reach will begin to recede

Your darkness will fade
replaced by our light of love

Our love is our strength
Our love is your downfall

We stand.