Mother Ennaruam, The Gatherer
Seventh Mother of the Matern People,

She is The Biological,
The gatherer of the Matern-Traits
In Her, the Matern-Traits are equally attuned

The Mothers Six, She did gather,
And upon the end of their crossing,
A people of the Mount they did build

The Matern People;
Entrust to Her their Foretimes,
Entrust to Her their Nowtimes,
Entrust to Her their Newtimes,

And upon their danger,
To Ennaruam they look,
And before their tears begin,
Her arms protect them

Mother Ennaruam
The Gatherer of The Six
Mother Ennaruam
The Creator of Our People

Endless Maybes
Leading to
Endless Hope

Maybe he’s busy
He’s moving this week
He’s starting work next week

Maybe he’s nervous
He’s not entirely out
It could get complicated

Maybe he’s embarrassed
He was flirting heavily
He had been drinking

Maybe it was a one-off
He may only try once
I may have blown it,
Before it began

Maybe he wasn’t flirting
Maybe he was being friendly
Maybe I want it to be

He isn’t interested

When the pain of the world
Is screaming at you
And the tears of the children
Are drowning you

When the anger of stupidity
Is fighting against you
When the emptiness of loneliness
Is smothering you

I will reach for you
And hand in hand
We will form a bonded circle

And as the darkness encompassed you
We shall encompass the darkness
And as we tighten our circular grip
We will flood it with our light

Darkness will dissolve
Light shall reign
It does so because of how we are

We are responsible for it

On this day
I do hereby proclaim;
Two years out,
My life has not been the same

– Read, took a minute and let me know…

I tried so hard,
I spoke my words
And at countdown’s end,
My soul was free

It wasn’t a letter or a txt,
Nor a banner,
Or lights across my chest,
But, electronic verse, I tried my best

My oldest friend spoke,
And this she did say:
I love you my son,
I care not that you are gay…

…you know you are loved,
And my support, you have
You know you are respected,
And your back, I have…

…Now, 3 questions to ask…

My first is this:
HIV; are you safe?
Are you secure?
Don’t allow yourself to get bored!

My second is this:
Gay bashings; has it ever happened?
Have you seen or heard?
Be vigilant, mindful and run like hell!

My last is this:
Grandchildren; what about them?
Do you still want kinds?
You’d be a wonderful Dad!

So, we spoke.
Our relationship,
My relationships remain.
Two years now, feels much longer

New friends,
Relationships, stronger
It’s the same me,
But now the me that everyone sees.


(written: 1st July 2009, 2nd Outiversary)

I tried so hard,
To speak my words
But at countdown’s end,
My mind was blanked


Perhaps a letter,
Or maybe a txt,
Perhaps a banner,
Or flashing lights across my chest


And so you see,
To my oldest friend, I say
Quite simply, my words;
“Ma, I’m gay”


I know that I’m loved,
And that your support, I have
I know that I’m respected,
And that my back, you have


Should you have questions,
Just simply ask,
And together we’ll dismantle
What can seem like a mammoth task


…is a husband preparing for sleep eternal,
who while even on a morphine high,
knows that the hand he holds,
if only for a brief moment,
is not the hand of his wife,
and with eyes closed,
calls her back to him

A hand outstretched
At the end of each finger
Another hand outstretched
At the end of each finger
Another hand outstretched

Hands, spanning the path
From Birth
To Death

Each palm a question or event
Each finger an answer or action

Each decision,
Leading to another palm
Leading to another question

The choices made
The path created

A man
Upon a stage
A master of oration
And gesticulation

The crowd’s focus,
His words over them,

Scattering light upon thoughts
Of the past
Forcing fears of hope
Into the darkest of voids



That man
His message
His beliefs

That Man

I must read the SEF
And compare it to the CIP
Then download the EYFS
And feedback to the GB

Then, I must EM my ISP
No, IM my ISP
Then, SM the card to Ed

Oh no, the Council’s gone NOC
The PM’s meeting COBRA
A USMC Team are MIA
And POTUS is golfing

Heir to a name
Now oft not heard

Heir to a name
Of Traders and Writers
Of Lords and Fighters

A name of the Right
A mind of the Left
A Knight on Roses
Defended by an Enswordened Arm

Sole generational heir
In my hands; The Next
In my hands; The End

Unthought of before,
Now I see it
Through his eyes

A mistake was writ
A name was born
A choice was made
A boy was born