We will not go quietly into the night
we will not step back into the closets
you build with your ignorance,
sealing their doors with your hatred and our fear

We will not blame the blameless
the innocent who share our anguish
who look at your actions and see only
the darkness and insanity of ignorant hatred

We will, instead, rise with pride.
a pride hard fought for,
that neither you nor your predecessors,
could, can, or will take from us

Side by side
we stand

We stand with our brothers,
our sisters, and our allies.

We stand for those who cannot
we stand for those who stood before

We stand, supported by our love,
our tolerance, and our freedom.

We stand in resilient solidarity,
our strength, the light of our community

Our light will outshine and outlive
the emptiness of your ignorance

Our light will outshine and outlive
the darkness of your intolerance

Your darkness will begin to shrink
its reach will begin to recede

Your darkness will fade
replaced by our light of love

Our love is our strength
Our love is your downfall

We stand.

My being screams for more,
My heart, soul and mind
Are in agreement,
And so, my being screams for more

I know I can do better,
I know I can be better,
All my life; expectations
From friends, family, from me

I am better than this,
For this is not really mine.
Mine, is the creative assistance,
The helping of others through art

I know, and have always known
That a purpose here, I have
So many times, that purpose has been unclear,
Set in the distance, just beyond my reach

Now, the distance has lessened,
And upon my reach,
I discover a path whose end I cannot see,
By reaching for my purpose,
I have revealed my path,
And though I am sure it has cracks and chips,
I am also sure that my path, it is

And so, today;
I make here in thought, as in word,
This solemn vow;

I will start along my path,
I will walk as long as I can,
As long as the path will take me

And, when I feel a crack underfoot,
I will look behind me,
For I know that the hand upon my back,
Is the hand of friends and family

I am fortunate for these,
And it is for their hope,
As it is for my need and my being,
That I take this first step today

I hate falsely focusing
On writing to write
To get something down

Forced, False, Focus
Phrases of Fiction
Falsely Formed

Timetabled writing
9 ’til 12
Faultering focus
Freezing mind again

Natural flow
Focusing on feeling
Flooding of words
Mind revealing

Your love for life
And your shining spirit
Have filled many souls
And exceeds human limits

You stand and you fight
For that which is right
You believe in the goodness
Of all equal rights

For twenty-two years
You’ve expanded my mind
So I question and analyse
All that I find

He sat for a while
So much had happened
So much had changed

Twas two months now
Two months of watching
Two months of engaging

And now he sat,
His mind
Muddled by events

He stood
He wondered
He wandered
He pondered

The nights were no longer dark
Now, they were filled with light
Now, he was filled with light

A small glowing light
In the dark deepest night
Preparing the world
For it’s long-coming fight
A fight for peace
And a fight for rights
Begins to take place in that
Dark and deepest night
Another light glows
And their numbers are few
But the dark deepest night
Is now accompanied by light

I will grip hope
Until my bones are cracking
Until my nails are bleeding

Hope will not escape
When fleeing from me
I know where to look

And find it, I always do

The ‘maybes’
‘what ifs’ and ‘coulds’
All, fueling my hope

Even when my heart
Is breaking
Even when my mind
Is screaming

I can,
I will,
Find hope


The victim was not me;
the boy at the fist’s destination,
the boy without his school tie

He was the real victim,
unaware that his pain had
crept into my life,
that his fear and unknowing,
had caused me to sink into a daily-daze

He was there
I was there
At those times
In those places

The answer, he thought
To his unenviable question;

“Why do neither of them want me?”

I cried, not because
I was in love,
But because our friendship
Was ebbing away

As hard as we tried,
Our hands as buckets
Against the tide,
Were inevitably failing

As our sea flowed away
I stood, my feet buried in sand
Looking for that one last current
To bring the sea back to me

That current never came
Our sea didn’t return

Now, my footprints watch the horizon

Remember my smile
And that it was for you
It was for us

My eyes, though at times they wandered
Always came back to yours
And were permafixed by your gaze

My lips, that spoke harshly at times
Were the same that shared our first
And last kiss of the day

Remember these things
And you will remember this;
With you I shall always be