My being screams for more,
My heart, soul and mind
Are in agreement,
And so, my being screams for more

I know I can do better,
I know I can be better,
All my life; expectations
From friends, family, from me

I am better than this,
For this is not really mine.
Mine, is the creative assistance,
The helping of others through art

I know, and have always known
That a purpose here, I have
So many times, that purpose has been unclear,
Set in the distance, just beyond my reach

Now, the distance has lessened,
And upon my reach,
I discover a path whose end I cannot see,
By reaching for my purpose,
I have revealed my path,
And though I am sure it has cracks and chips,
I am also sure that my path, it is

And so, today;
I make here in thought, as in word,
This solemn vow;

I will start along my path,
I will walk as long as I can,
As long as the path will take me

And, when I feel a crack underfoot,
I will look behind me,
For I know that the hand upon my back,
Is the hand of friends and family

I am fortunate for these,
And it is for their hope,
As it is for my need and my being,
That I take this first step today